Forced deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan

The Afghanistan United Front expresses its profound concern regarding the detention and forced deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan. We urgently call upon the Pakistan authorities to suspend their decision and honor their commitment to international treaties and refugee laws.

Following the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan, characterized by their extremist policies and inhumane treatment of Afghans, including former government officials, security force members, and human rights activists, along with their inability to address economic challenges, millions of Afghans were compelled to leave the country. Returning them would endanger their lives and expose them to persecutAUF.pdfion. Furthermore, the current Taliban regime lacks the capacity to support the safe return of these refugees.

Afghan refugees, fleeing the Taliban’s reprisals and persecution, pose no threat to their host countries; instead, they have been forced to flee due to terrorism-related threats.

It is imperative to recognize that the mass migration of millions of Afghans is a direct consequence of the current situation in Afghanistan, exacerbated by Pakistan’s past support to the Taliban.

The Afghanistan United Front urges the Pakistan government to fulfill its moral responsibility by immediately suspending the deportation of Afghan refugees, thereby preventing additional suffering for Afghans and alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and the region.