Afghanistan United Front Launch

Washington DC – After the fall of our country Afghanistan, there are three main fallouts 1. Taliban brought back international terrorism in thousands of numbers including AI-Qaida, Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and other terrorist organizations, 2. China is taking over our precious minerals by contracting with Taliban under the market value, and 3. Humanitarian catastrophe. Today 9 million Afghans live as refugees, the biggest in the world. 5 million left Afghanistan in the last two years alone. This all must stop! Afghans deserve a country, freedom and prosperity.

Freeing Afghanistan from the occupation of the Taliban, expelling extremist groups out of our country and prosperity of our people is the highest guiding principles of our struggle.

A group of young leaders of the new generation of Afghans came under the Afghanistan United Front

to unite our people and fight for our freedom.

We are delighted to announce that as the front is officially starting its activities, we are launching our new office in Washington DC on October 18, 2023.

The office of Afghanistan United Front in the United States has been established in order to develop the full range of our policies and intended civil infrastructure. This will try to unite the new generation of Afghans and assist in coordinating humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The political commission of AUF is headed by Governor Masood Bakhtawar.

The Afghanistan United Front is committed to cooperate with other Afghan freedom movements and our international friends of Afghanistan. The removal of the Taliban terrorist regime in Afghanistan and the establishment a government elected by the people of Afghanistan. We’re continuing our mission to provide the basis for growth, education and advancement for today and future generations of Afghans with peace, equality and freedom.