“United for Freedom of Afghanistan”

After the US and Taliban Doha agreement in 2020, the Taliban were given political legitimacy. And they had major political and material support from regional countries, including Pakistan and Iran. The ending of US combat operations, and restrictions put by Doha agreement on the ability of Afghan forces to go on the offensive, allowed the Taliban to control more ground and launch major assaults across the country. The fall of Afghan Republic is mainly caused by political mistakes made in Kabul and Washington. The Afghan military fought bravely and fought hard and our people honour that.

As the result of the Taliban back to power in 2021, they brought back Al-Qaida to Afghanistan, who had been diminished during the two decades Afghan and US military pressure on them. The leadership, including Ayman Al-Zawahiri, his two deputies, and members of Al-Qaida global council, were once again protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The comeback of Taliban has resulted in three major catastrophes :

Return of International Terrorism to Afghanistan; including Tahreke Taliban Pakistan (TTP) who are waging war on Pakistan today, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Ansarullah of Tajikistan and many other groups who want to overthrow their governments at their respective countries and conduct terrorism around the world. Al-Qaida today have moved some 18,000 of their fighters and several hundred commanders to prepared for attacks in Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States. Further more the inability of Taliban has allowed ISKP to resurge again as one of the greatest and deadliest global terror organization. In the past two years they have conducted hundreds of attacks in four continents including US, Russia, Europe, Africa, Iran and of course Afghanistan. Many ISIS senior leaders who survived the battles in Syria and Iraq has now moved to Afghanistan working under ISKP leadership.

Humanitarian Crisis; today 21 million Afghans face food shortages, including 6 million children who face malnutrition. In over two years 5 million Afghans are forced to leave their homes and travel outside Afghanistan, properties and bank accounts seized by Taliban. Members of the armed forces are hunted systematically, arrested, tortured and their belongings taken by Taliban. Women are banned from education, work and travel. Strict rules for living are applied by force while the economy has collapsed.

Looting of our national wealth; China has signed contracts worth of 20 Billion dollars with Taliban buying off our gas and oil, lithium, copper and iron ore. Iran has contracts for irone ore and is seeing to get a contract for Afghan uranium in southern Afghanistan. The money coming from these contracts is not going to help Afghans, rather this money is going to Taliban fighters who also share large sums with Al-Qaida and other terror networks while Afghans suffer at home.

The humanitarian disaster, China’s money and presence of International Terrorism is a recipe for international disaster. it’s a ticking bomb that could blow off anywhere anytime.

“Today the Taliban have turned Afghanistan into a crucible of international terrorism, as attacks have increased in Central Asia and Pakistan. This trend is likely to continue and plunge the region into deeper chaos. As well as providing a headquarters for Al-Qaida, Afghanistan hosts Islamic State-Khorasan Province, as well as many regional terror groups.

During the twenty years of free Afghanistan, despite conflict, a new young generation of both men and women grew up with different expectations than their parents, and access to good education. The country enjoyed free speech and some of the best media in the region.

Afghanistan is the most important strategic locations in south-central Asia , our country is rich in minerals, oil and gas, lithium and uranium yet our people suffer from poverty evident to Taliban’s looting.

The new generation of Afghans, 70% of our nation today, cherish the ideals and values of freedom and our historic traditions. We are uniting again with young generation of Afghan leaders to embark on a conquest to free our country from terrorism. We will do everything in our power to free our country and lead her to prosperity and peaceful future.

Afghanistan United Front has embarked on a comprehensive campaign to ensure the success. Our campaign has three major pillars including political, civil and military fronts. We will do anything and everything to free our country and make sure Afghanistan’s wealth are used to make Afghan’s lives better. We will deliver a comprehensive national strategy to stabilize Afghanistan by political and military means, to establish a just, democratic system of government, with equality for women and minorities. We will be one people formed of many, united under the flag, and governed under an agreed constitution with the consent of the people. ”

Freedom of Afghanistan

Our mission is to unite Afghans and return Afghanistan to the constitutional order, ensuring that Afghans can enjoy freedom, peace, and prosperity.

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