“United for Freedom of Afghanistan”

After the US and Taliban Doha agreement in 2020, the Taliban were given political legitimacy. And they had major political and material support from regional countries, including Pakistan and Iran. The ending of US combat operations, and restrictions put by Doha agreement on the ability of Afghan forces to go on the offensive, allowed the Taliban to control more ground and launch major assaults across the country. The fall of Afghan Republic is mainly caused by political mistakes made in Kabul and Washington. The Afghan military fought bravely and fought hard and our people honour that.

As the result of the Taliban back to power in 2021, they brought back Al-Qaida to Afghanistan, who had been diminished during the two decades Afghan and US military pressure on them. The leadership, including Ayman Al-Zawahiri, his two deputies, and members of Al-Qaida global council, were once again protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Our Vision

Freedom of Afghanistan

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite Afghans and return Afghanistan to the constitutional order, ensuring that Afghans can enjoy freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Our Values

National Unity

Territorial Integrity




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National Identity


The Front’s leadership council is the highest decision-making authority that chooses the leader of the organization. The council consists mainly of former Afghan army and intelligence general officers, young politicians and human rights activists. The council members have diverse backgrounds and come from diverse ethnicities. The council is a “Little Afghanistan”, composed of Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks.

The Front is currently led by General Sami Sadat the former commander of Afghan special operations corps, who was voted as leader in May 2023.

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